What Is A Drug License?

What Is A Drug License in India?

This question is widely asked: what is a Drug License, and is it the most straightforward term to know what it means? Here is your answer: A Drug License works like permission from the higher authority of the government that allows you to sell or make pharmaceuticals. This license makes it clear that pharmaceuticals sold are genuine, safe, and, importantly, meet the quality standards set by the regulatory authorities. For more refined details, check the blog; everything is mentioned here. 

Drug License – Application, Meaning

If you are willing to get a drug license, you must fill out the registration form application and submit specific documents already mentioned in the blog. This Procedure is straightforward and designed according to everyone, so anyone who wants to work in this industry can apply it. After you submit the documents, the government will review them; if everything is according to the format, a license will be issued. This license is essential as it shows that medicines are safe for the public.

Purpose Of Drug Licence

The purpose of the drug license is to give permission, which could allow companies or individuals to become a part of the business that works in drugs and cosmetics. Obtaining a license of drug in India is essential to running a business in medicine or cosmetics. The Drug License gives the company authority to run a business; in India, no one is allowed to run a business without a Drug License. 

Types Of Drug License

Here is a list of the available drug licenses. All are mentioned below:-

  1. Wholesale Drug License
  2. Retail Drug License
  3. Drug Manufacturing License
  4. Import Drug License
  5. Export Drug License
  6. Narcotics & Psychotropic Substance License
  7. Drug Loan License
  8. Drug Contract Manufacturing License

Drug Controlling Authority Or Regulatory Authority

The drug controlling authority or regulatory authority, widely known as a drug controller, is a government agency that ensures that medicines that are made or sold in the market are safe, effective, and of the highest quality. 

Prerequisites For Obtaining A Drug License

To procure the Drug License, the following are the essential points read them thoroughly:-

Eligibility – A person applying for the license must complete the essential education background or otherwise have experience in pharmacy or medicine. 

Documentation – Collect all the required documents mentioned in the blog; these include identity proofs, specific qualifications, and other essential details. 

Fees – The user must pay the asked fees. 

Inspection—The Inspection officer will visit the property and check that the premises are safe, clean, and suitable for pharmaceuticals. 

Location – The premises you have chosen should be decided according to the standards set by the government. 

List Of Essential Documents For Obtaining A License

The following are the important documents for obtaining a Drug License in India:-

  • ID Proof of Proprietor, Director, or Partner
  • Key & Site plan of the property
  • Copy of Ownership Documents
  • Rental Agreements
  • NOC – No Objection Certificate
  • Qualification Certification of Applicant
  • Cover Letter with proper Name & Designation of the candidate
  • Declaration Form (in a prescribed format)
  • Affidavit directly from (Competent person/Registered Pharmacist)
  • Provide proof of availability, such as a certificate of storage space, cold storage, refrigerator, etc.
  • LLP agreement (only in case of partnership & LLP)
  • MOA & AOA

For a pharmacist at a wholesale deal

  1. Experience certificate
  2. Appointment Letter
  3. Proof of Qualification

For a Pharmacist at a retail deal

  1. Appointment Letter
  2. Local Pharmacy Council Registration
  3. Qualification Proof

List Of Application Forms

To apply for a Drug License, companies must complete specific forms designed for various types of work. The following are forms you will see and fill out.

Facility Inspection Form – This form is for inspecting your business premises to check whether they are designed according to the standards. 

New License Application Form – This is the primary form. In it, you have to provide your details and documents. 

Renewal Form – This form is for renewing your license.

Details Changing Form – This form is used if you want to modify any of your personal or business information. 

A detailed version of the Application forms is here:-

S.NoForm NumberApplication’s Puropose
1Form 8Application for permit to import drugs apart from those specified in Schedule X of the Drugs and Cosmetics Rules, 1945 (‘Rules’)
2Form 8AApplication for license to import drugs determined in Schedule X of the Guidelines
3Form 9Undertaking accompanying an application for an import license
4Form 12Application for license to import drugs for assessment, test, or analysis.
5Form 12AApplication for the issue of a license to import small amounts of drugs for individual use
6Form 12AAApplication for license to import small amounts of new drugs by government hospitals or independent medical institutes for the treatment of patients
7Form 14AApplication from a purchaser for test or analysis of a drug
8Form 19Application for grant or renewal of a license to sell, stock, exhibit or sell, or distribute drugs separated from those predetermined in schedule X

What is the Cost of a Drug License?

The cost of the Drug License varies depending on the process timing and update. So it is better to talk to the Company and clear your doubts with perfectly customized solutions that are planned according to your problems from one and only medicaldeviceregistration.com.

What Are The Qualifications Required For Obtaining A Drug License?

The qualification required for getting a Drug License is mentioned below:-

Retail Drug Pharma License 

  • State Pharmacy Council Registration
  • B Pharma/D Pharma

Wholesale Drug License 

  • Graduate with one year of experience managing drugs or an undergrad with four years of experience managing drugs
  • State Pharmacy Council Registration 
  • B Pharma/ D Pharma

What Is An FDA License?

The Food and Drug Administration, in short, FDA, is a license received under the Federal Food and Drug Act. The FDA established this authority in 1906 to protect consumers and save their health. The Food and Drug Administration License is needed when you are working with these mentioned products:-

  • Cosmetics
  • Drugs
  • Food
  • Medical Products

This agency was introduced to protect public health, and as a result of the following measures, this authority is the oldest consumer protection agency in the world. FDA is known to regulate the standards and quality of drugs/food and whether they are safe for consumers. 

How Can I Get A Drug License In India?

Follow these simple processes to apply for a wholesale drug license in India:-

  1. Applicants must visit the online portal and apply for the needed drug license.
  2. Candidates can download their drug license via drug drug-controlling authority online portals.
  3. Submit your application to the drug controlling authority officer.
  4. Applicants must submit their documents with the license application on the drug controlling authority’s online portal.
  5. After these steps, your documents are set for inspection.
  6. Inspection will be held at your work property.
  7. After checking everything, the drug controller will allow you to get a drug license.

Please read through the steps to apply for a wholesale drug license in India. Check out the Procedure to Apply for a Drug License in India if they are still unclear.

What Documents are Required for a CDSCO License?

To get a CDSCO License in India, the steps are as follows: In the correct order, apply for the CDSCO License in less time than others. 

  • IEC Code
  • MOA-AOA/Partnership Deed.
  • Directors/Partners/ Proprietors KYC.
  • Name of Products for which you want a license.
  • Photo of the label where MRP/import/Manufacturing/Qty other declarations are made.
  • GST Certificate
  • Address of all Warehouses.
  • Email ID of Customer care and Customer care contact number.
  • State metrology inspectors may do an inspection.
  • Class – 3 Organization’s Digital signature certificate  required

These are documents you are required to have and submit while applying for the CDSCO License.

How can I get a wholesale drug license in India?

Follow this list to apply for the Wholesale drug license in India:-

  • Candidates need to visit the State Drug Controlling Authority online portal.
  • Now, Download & Fill out the application for the drug license on the State Drug Controlling Authority.
  • Upload and submit documents, and make sure you have checked the documents and don’t make any mistakes.
  • Submit the Govt. Fees.
  • The inspection officer can visit the property and check all the documents.
  • After all these steps, the Drug Controller will issue a Drug License.

What Are The Basic Requirements For Obtaining a Retail Drug Licence?

The basic requirements for obtaining a retail drug license are mentioned below. If you are willing to apply for a drug license for retail, you must fulfill all the requirements. 

  1. Candidates must have an area that should be at least ten sq mtrs.
  2. Properties need to have proper facilities for air conditioners and refrigerators.
  3. The registered pharmacist must be available at the property during working hours.

These are the basic requirements. If anyone wants to obtain a retail drug license and is still facing problems or having queries, submit your query to the medical device query.

About Suspension or Cancellation of the Drug License

If your Company is not following the specific rules set by the government, your drug license can be canceled or suspended as per the orders of the higher authorities. Suspension of the drug license means that your license will be temporarily taken away. Cancellation of your Drug License means that your license will be permanently canceled. This is important to maintain safety standards in the market.

Why Should You Choose ELT For a Drug License?

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In Conclusion, it’s essential to secure a drug license, as it’s primarily important to hold a license if anyone wants to work in the field of drugs and cosmetics. If you don’t obtain this license and are still in the business, according to the government, you will be liable to several punishments. Having a Drug license represents your quality work, and consumers can easily trust the product. Also, it is for the safety of the public.

Do Importers Of Drugs Need A Wholesale License?

Yes, of course, importers of drugs do need a wholesale license to import the drug in India.

What Is The Validity Of A Drug License?

Indeed, the Drug License is valid for five years if the authority does not suspend or cancel your license for any reason. 

What is the Timeline for Drug License?

The Drug License can take “30 working days”.

How much time does it take For Drug License Renewal?

So, as per the Drug “4th Amendment” Ruke 2022, a Drug License can be renewed after the application is submitted and within 18 months of the expiry date.


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