How To Apply For Drug License?

Apply For Drug License

Are you a manufacturer, retailer or wholesaler of medicine then let us just introduce you to the drug license. It is mandatory to have a drug license for the manufacturing of medicine for multiple reasons. So, here you will get to know about how to apply for drug license and why it is mandatory.

Why Drug License Is Important?

Drug License plays an important role in supporting the survival of people and relieving dangerous illnesses. Medication is the main weapon with humankind to fight illnesses. Medication is not like chocolate as there is a specific medicine for all because a specific medication can be utilized to fix a particular infection. Medications must be taken with the counsel of a knowledgeable specialist so he can be encouraged about how to utilize when to utilize, and what specific medication to utilize to fix the illness; any other way, it can prompt hurtful secondary effects. 

Issuing Authority For Drug License

The state authority “State Drug Standards Control Organization”  known as SDSCO, with CDSCO, is liable for the permit of license who trade-in business of drugs and cosmetics on the state level. If you have a business that works in different states and you sell drugs in more than one state, a drug license in India is necessary for all locations.

Sales Drug License 

Apply For Drug License For Sales In India – Retail sale means selling drugs to the final customers. Retailers also trade drugs to medical, dispensaries, research institutes, and hospitals. A drug License in India is important for retailers of chemists or drug shops as per the Drug and Cosmetic Act. Retail License for Drugs is granted by the drug controller authority of the state.

If anyone is working without a license they will be liable for a punishment of more than 1 year and that will be prolonged for up to 3 years with a fine of five thousand.

Basic Requirements For Obtaining a Retail Drug License In India

To apply for drug license as a retailer you have to follow the basic requirements:-

  • Candidate premises ought to have an area of at least 10 sqr. mtrs.
  • An enlisted drug specialist will constantly be available in the store throughout working hours.
  • Premises ought to have a cooler and climate control system.

Documents Needed To Apply For Drug License For Retail In India

Here is the list of the documents required to Apply for Drug license for a retailer in India:-

  • Refrigerator Bill
  • Rent Agreement
  • 5 Photographs of the proprietor and pharmacist
  • Affidavit and ID Proof of registered Pharmacist
  • Plan the layout of premises in a blueprint
  • Affidavit of the proprietor on stamp paper
  • Self-attested ID proof and educational certificate

Wholesale Sale Drug License

A wholesale license is given to the organization/merchant/free specialist who can be an approved Indian specialist for the neighbourhood or unfamiliar maker. On the other hand, we can say that the discount permit is given to the producer and approved Indian agent. The entire Deal Medication Permit is given by the CDSCO for the people who bargain in the discount circulation of Medications.

Basic Requirement for Obtaining Wholesale Drug License In India

  1. Candidate premises ought to have an area of at least 15 sqr. mtrs.
  2. Candidate premises should have a Forced air system and fridge to store the antibodies, insulin infusions, sera, and so on.
  3. Permit issues to the individual who has a degree or recognition in a Drug store from a perceived college.
  4. A drug specialist will be an Alumni with 1 year of involvement with drug management.
  5. The permit will be shown anywhere nearby.

Documents Required For Wholesale Drug License In India

Look below to check the required documents to apply for drug license for wholesale in India:-

  • Cover letter with name and designation of the applicant
  • Incorporation certificate, MOA or AOA, Partnership deed as applicable
  • Challan of fees deposited for the license
  • Proof of ownership
  • Appointment letter on being appointed as a full-time registered pharmacist
  • Affidavit regarding non-conviction under the Drugs and Cosmetic Act 1940, signed by proprietors, partners, and directors as the case may be
  • The documents of possession of the premises
  • Key plan and site plan of the premises (Blueprint)
  • Declaration form in a given format

Restricted License For Drugs In India

Under Form 20A and 21A, this permit is given to those candidates who need to sell drugs without the oversight of a capable person.

Manufacturing Drug License

A drug Manufacturing License is permitted to the producer of Allopathic and Ayurvedic medications and restorative items; a permit is conceded by the concerned State legislature of the maker.

Types of Manufacturing 

Basic Requirements For Manufacturing Drug License In India

  • Factory premises should be as per the standard timetable M.
  • The production line should be exceptional, and have sufficient room for hardware.
  • Should have been capable of conducting the investigation in the testing community.
  • Should have sufficient research center hardware for testing.
  • Sufficient medication storage plans should be made.
  • Modify to Great Manufacturing Practices guidelines

Documents Required for Manufacturing Drug License in India

  • ID Proof of the partner/director/proprietor
  • Copy of Property paper/Rent agreement
  • Constitution of the Firm (MOA/AOA)
  • Address proof of the owners
  • Mention the purpose of the application on the Cover Letter
  • Invoice and details of Refrigerator and Air Condition Purchased for business use
  • The site and key plans of the premises (Blue Print)
  • Self Attested registered plant layout
  • Nominate an authorized Indian Representative
  • List of technical staff with ID Proof, qualification, experience letter, appointment letter, and 3 photographs
  • Machinery list
  • NOC of pollution control and fire fighting
  • Nominate an authorized Indian Representative

Loan Drug License In India

As per the Drug and Cosmetic Act,” A loan license implies a permit which a permitting authority might issue to a candidate who doesn’t have its own plan of assembling yet who expects to profit himself of the assembling offices of a licensee.

Import License

Under Timetable X, Medications and cosmetic care products can be imported to India solely after getting a Permit. Drugs will be registered, yet the assembling unit should be registered for import purposes.


In conclusion, obtaining a Drug License in India is very important for anybody hoping to work in the pharmaceutical sector, whether it’s through retail, discount, or assembling. This Drug License guarantees consistency with the law as well as shields general well-being by regulating the sale and distribution of drugs and cosmetic care products. The cycle includes meeting specific premises requirements, having qualified staff, and giving a far-reaching set of records to the pertinent specialists. Complying with these guidelines keeps up with the trust of the drug business and adds to the general well-being and security of customers.


Is a Drug License Mandatory To Run a Business?

Yes, it is important to secure a Drug License if you are thinking about business.

Is There Any Authority For Drug License Issuance?

Yes, the Drug Controlling Authority Issues the Drug License.


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