What is FDA license in India?

FDA License

In easy words, an FDA License in India guarantees the quality and safety of the products. Basically, this Food and Drug License is very important as it protects public health and approves the selling of various types of products in the market. It works as a trust that consumers feel after seeing the FDA approval written on the products. This process involves certain types of document submissions, inspections, and many more. The Food and Drug Administration license is essential for businesses that work for manufacturers and distributors and sell their products in India.

Why Do You Need an FDA License?

As per the Food and Drug Administration, it is essential to secure an FDA license for whoever works in manufacturing and producing. Each of the consumers who are consuming external food or medicines needs to be safe and it’s their right. So, the FDA License provides safety and trust to the consumers. 

What Is the Benefits Of FDA License?

FDA accreditation has several advantages that are beneficial to consumers and companies alike. The main benefits are mentioned below:-

Guarantees Product Safety: An FDA certification means that a product has passed stringent testing and assessment to guarantee that it is safe for usage by consumers. This guarantee is essential for safeguarding the general public health and stopping the spread of dangerous or inferior goods.

Boost Credibility and trust: companies who have obtained FDA certification show that they are dedicated to meeting quality standards and following regulations. This increases their marketability and fosters confidence among stakeholders, healthcare providers, and consumers.

Facilitates market access: FDA permission is needed for selling in markets, both nationally and internationally. By providing business permits to new markets and opportunities, FDA certification helps in the growth of market reach and growth potential. 

What Are Required Documents For FDA License?

These are the very important papers needed for FDA License Registration; look at below:-

1. Basic Documents – Invoice, Bill of airways, purchase order, and bill of lading.

2. Preparation required for a product specifically – labeling copies, packing list, product specification, growers list, ownership documentation, and additional papers if needed.

Procedure For Obtaining an FDA Certificate

  • Find out what kind of FDA certificate you require. Certificates for export, establishment, or product registration may fall under this category.
  • Get the required paperwork ready and send it to the FDA. Information on the product, the production methods, the labeling, and other pertinent facts may be included.
  • Make certain that your product satisfies all FDA requirements. Good Manufacturing Practices (GMP) adherence, as well as any particular specifications for your product category, fall under this area.
  • Wait for the FDA’s evaluation and clearance. In order to verify that your contribution complies with the requirements, the FDA will review it and, if necessary, seek more information.
  • The FDA will issue the certificate upon approval. This document is a formal declaration from the FDA that your product or business satisfies its standards.
  • Sustain adherence to FDA guidelines to guarantee the authenticity of your certification. This might entail continuing compliance with GMP guidelines, periodic inspections, and reporting obligations.
  • Whenever required, renew your FDA certificate. 
  • For future reference and compliance, keep track of any correspondence and supporting paperwork pertaining to your FDA certificate.

Who Can Get an FDA License?

The FDA, called the Food and Drug Association, verifies many products; this procedure helps ensure products meet all the standards before soldering in markets. A list of the items is given below:-

Drug – Medicines, whether it is prescription or over-the-counter, to treat diseases, manage symptoms, and handle illness. This comprises antibiotics, painkillers, and vaccines.

Tobacco Products – Cigarettes, e-cigarettes, cigars, and all the tobacco items are also governed by the FDA.

Medical Devices – Machines, implants, and software used for the therapeutic objective, like x-ray machines, pacemakers, or also special feature bandages.

Food and Beverages – The FDA guarantees that safety and standards are followed by food, drinks containing additives, dietary supplements, and bottles of water.

Cosmetic – Makeup, skincare, perfumes, and hair dyes FDA regulates these products.

Biological Products – components that are made from living organisms, including vaccines, blood components, blood, and gene therapy.

Timeline Of FDA License In India

Basically, the FDA assigned 10 months to review drugs, whereas, under priority review, that time is reduced to 6 months.

What Is The Cost Of FDA Registration In India?

FDA Registration costs may vary according to different factors, what types of products you’re registering, and the difficulty of the reports. So, it’s advised to consult the experienced in this department’s.

Validity Of Food & Drugs License In India

An FDA License is valid for a maximum of 5 Years from the date of issuance, and it must be renewed annually.

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What Are The Consequences Of Not Providing All Necessary Documents To FDA?

If you forget to provide the documents, then it will fail and delay the FDA License.

Who should I contact if I have any questions about submitting the necessary paperwork?

You should contact the FDA’s regulatory affairs department or your designated FDA liaison if you have any questions about submitting necessary paperwork related to the FDA (Food and Drug Administration)

What Is an FDA Certificate Full Form?

The FDA’s full form is Food & Drug Association.

How Do You Get an FDA License?

  • Examine the machinery with technology transfer specialists and scientists. 
  • Study different types of licenses accessible for online use.
  • Give license application to agency-level FDA Technology transfer program.

Who Should Register With the FDA?

International and national organizations that re-pack, manufacture, and re-label drug items are mandatory to register with the FDA.


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