About Us

ELT Corporate Private Limited is a legal consulting company. We are Medical Device Consultant provide services related to Medical law. Medical Device Rules 2017 is newly emerged in our society. We are Medical Consultant who provide services about all the requirement which are required to our client like the documentation preparing , brief laws to our clients about scientific ,legal, technical parameters of Medical Rules 2017

About Us Medical Device Registration

Medical Device Registration For Importer

  • Documentation Preparation
  • Grouping of Devices
  • Voluntary Registration
  • Clinical & Class Evolution

Medical Device Registration For Manufacturer

  • Documentation Preparation
  • Implementation Of ISO13485
  • Mock Inspection
  • Test License
  • Grouping of Devices
  • Voluntary Registration
  • Request For PR

Other License For Medical Device Registration

  • BIS Licence
  • Legal Metrology Approval
  • Environment License
  • Trademarks & Patents
  • ISO Certifications
  • Export & Import Certifications