What is a Clinical Evaluation Report?

What is a Clinical Evaluation Report?

So, if you are struggling with this confusion about what a Clinical Evaluation Report is, then here is your answer. The Clinical Evaluation Report is a technical document in the form of a document; this Clinical Evaluation Report consists of an analysis of the medical device that is performed to test the safety and efficacy performance of the medical device. The primary thing to know is that clinical evaluation is a never-stop process, but this report gives you a gist or an idea of the medical device. After reading this, I hope you want to know other important details related to the CER, so don’t worry and read the blog, as everything is mentioned here.

What are the requirements for writing a Clinical Evaluation Report under the MDR?

The Medical Device Regulation (MDR) requires Clinical Evaluation Reports (CERs) to survey the safety and performance of medical devices. To comply with MDR, a CER should incorporate clinical data assembled from different sources, such as clinical investigations and published literature. This information helps ensure that the device is safe and effective for its planned use.

How to prepare a Clinical Evaluation Report for medical devices

The requirements for writing a clinical evaluation report under the MDR are listed below:-

Gathering clinical data: Collect information from clinical trials, studies, and published literature.

Analyzing data: Assess the gathered information to evaluate the device’s safety and performance.

Documenting findings: Present your analysis in a structured report format.

Updating regularly: Keep the CER updated with new data and changes in regulations.

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How should a Clinical Evaluation Report be structured?

The Clinical Evaluation Report should be Structured like this; please look below as all the steps are listed below:-

  1. Introduction – Overview of the device and its intended use.
  2. Strategies – Clarification of how clinical data was collected and examined.
  3. Results – Presentation of discoveries from the data analysis.
  4. Discussion – Interpretation of the outcomes and their implications for device safety and performance.
  5. Conclusion – Outline of key discoveries and any recommendations.
  6. References – List of sources referred to in the report.

What happens to a CER after completion?

When finished, a CER is submitted to regulatory authorities for review. They survey the report to guarantee that the device is safe and meets with all the performance standards. Whenever marketed, the device can be used and utilized for its purpose.

Where can I find help writing a Clinical Evaluation Report?

You can look for help from regulatory consultants, clinical writers, or internal experts within your organization. Moreover, there are online assets, training programs, and workshops accessible to help you grasp the requirements and best practices for composing a CER.

The importance of a Clinical Evaluation Report (CER) for medical devices

A CER is vital for demons the safety and performance of medical devices. It gives proof to regulatory authorities, medical care professionals, and patients that the device meets quality standards and is appropriate for use.

When to update your device CER

You should update your CER consistently, especially when new clinical information becomes available or when there are changes in guidelines or device plans. This guarantees that the report stays accurate and up-to-date.


In conclusion, the Clinical Evaluation Report (CER) is a vital document ensuring the safety and performance of medical devices. Through meticulous information analysis and documentation, it gives evidence to regulatory authorities and instills confidence in healthcare professionals and patients. Regular updates keep up with accuracy and alignment with evolving standards. Resources are accessible for making powerful CERs, ensuring compliance, and bolstering confidence in device quality. 

What is a CER review?

A CER review is an evaluation of the Clinical Evaluation Report by administrative specialists to guarantee compliance with standards and norms.

What is the CER report?

Clinical Evaluation Report (CER) records the conclusions of a clinical evaluation and the clinical evidence for a clinical device.

What is the Full Form of CER?

CER stands for Clinical Evaluation Report.


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