Introduction to Copyright Registrations   

Copyright protection is a mechanism for preserving artistic works like paintings, songs, and novels; it can also be used to safeguard a broader spectrum of intellectual property. "Original works of creativity fixed in any physical medium of expression" may be accorded copyright protection. As a result, a work should be qualified for copyright protection if it is unique and fixed in a tangible medium, sufficiently durable or stable. The expression of an idea, rather than the concept itself, is protected by a copyright. 


Why does the Medical Industry opt for copyright registration?  

It's possible to break copyright regulations in the pharmaceutical industry, where communicating information about the newest medical and scientific developments is important, by mistakenly duplicating and sharing content by unauthorized permission.


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 Getting Legal Protection against infringement

  • Copyright protection may also be available for how data is displayed on medical equipment. Health information or clinical notes must frequently be displayed in a faster and easier way in medical technology.

  • Getting legal protection in a medical setting, healthcare workers and practitioners need to be able to get on and comprehend crucial medical records such as patient monitoring information, medical device functioning data, and patient health data or statistics. The way this type of information is exhibited on a medical device's user interface or display screen might be considered a form of intellectual property and a part of copyright that is protected by copyright law by the way of registration.


Relevance of copyright in Medical Devices 

Software, for example, can be a medical device or an element within a medical device. A computer or other device in connection with a medical device typically runs software to receive input for evaluation, direct the medical device's operation, and so on. Programs may be patentable as a stand-alone invention or as part of a bigger system with several components as a medical device or as part of a medical device. 

How can I get the copyright registration done?

  • The drafting of the copyright application is the very first step in the process of copyright registration. The application along with the copy of the original work is submitted. Once the application is submitted a dairy number shall be received by the applicant.

  • Once the dairy number is issued, there is a waiting period that allows objections if any to be raised and reviewed by the examiner. The examiner reviews and scrutinizes the application thoroughly and makes sure there are all the documents and information attached to the application.

  • In such cases where no objections are raised, the examiner takes the application forward onto the next step. There might be times when some faults and objections are raised regarding the work in the question, in such a scenario the letter of discrepancy is sent to the applicant. The application can move forward only when the applicant effectively replies to all the objections and all the discrepancies are therefore resolved.

  • Henceforth, the application is taken onto the next step after the hearing with the registrar.

Getting a certificate of registration gives the applicant ownership and exclusive rights over his work thus, safeguarding his creativity from any misuse. 

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