IPR Registrations with Indian Customs

Indian Customs and Intellectual Property Rights

If Customs determines that the items infringe on the rights bearer's IPR and no other legal action is underway, the infringing goods will be destroyed or disposed of outside of normal channels of commerce after confiscation.  

Indian Border control has a negligible stance when it comes to IPR infringement and counterfeiting. As a result, all questionable shipments are subjected to appropriate controls. In order to achieve successful Intellectual Property Rights enforcement, we ensure that our clients receive the finest available services and consulting.   


When can I dispose of my goods?

After obtaining a "no objection" or "consent" from the rights holder, appropriate destruction/disposal will be carried out. Copies of items may be delivered to the rights holder or the importer upon request preceding to destruction.

What is the correlation between Indian Customs and Intellectual Property Rights Protection?

The protection is usually granted for a set period of time. While the basic social aims of intellectual property rights are underlined above, it is important to note that exclusive rights granted are generally subject to a number of exceptions and limitations, which are designed to fine-tune the stability that must be struck between the legitimate rights of claimants and users. Intellectual property rights are inalienable rights that arise from intellectual effort in the sectors of the medical industry or any other industry.  These rights protect intellectual property creators and other producers by allowing them time bound rights to govern their usage.

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